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    Top ipad spiele

    top ipad spiele

    9. Sept. Das iPad – die ideale mobile Spielekonsole. Für den Zeitvertrieb zwischendurch präsentieren wir hier die besten Spiele. Febr. Bei den kostenpflichtigen Apps für das iPad belegt «The Room: Old Sins» Sprung in die Top-Ten der meistgekauften iPad-Games schaffen. Juni Wir bringen Ordnung in das Chaos und stellen die iPad-Spiele vor, die ihr Geld Geniale Top-Spiele für Ihr Apple iPad(Bild 1 von ). Es gibt immer nur einen Weg und eine Lösung. In dem Puzzle-Spiel gilt es versteckte Bilder über farbige Felder aufzudecken. Das funktioniert auch, wenn der Kumpel die iPhone-Variante besitzt. Das Spiel wurde von id Softwa Ein Tutorial und die Möglichkeit zur freien Tastenbelegung wären wünschenswert. Für Sie als Besteller entstehen keine Mehrkosten. Mittels eines auf dem Bildschirm eingeblendeten virtuellen Joysticks dirigieren Sie den Helden durch die kunterbunte 3D-Welt. Dafür erhält man aber ein vollständiges Spiel. Bis zu vier Spieler versuchen hier Ihre Glaskugeln möglichst erfolgreich in die jeweilige Punktezone auf der drehenden Scheibe zu platzieren — ähnlich wie bei Curling. Über Levels und 6 Welten sorgen für Abwechslun Dazu muss der Spieler mit einem virtuellen Stift Linien zeichnen, um Ball und Stern zueinander zu bringen. Auch die inneren Werte stimmen: Sie Würfeln durch das Schütteln Ihres iPhones.

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    Nach unten geschoben sehen wir in die Vergangenheit, um ebenfalls Schalter oder Objekte in die richtige Lage zu bringen. Emergency HD für iPad Beschreibung: In einer detailreichen Spielumgebung kombinieren Sie Gegenstände, absolvieren Minispiele, suchen und öffnen versteckte Türen oder schalten mitunter die Jahreszeit um. Ein integriertes Hilfesystem gibt bei Bedarf Hinweise. Wer sich vor über 20 Jahren mit dem persischen Prinzen mühsam durch die Gewölbe kämpfte, schwelgt in Erinnerungen. Wenig friedlich geht es dabei zu: Frisch aus der Whitepaper-Datenbank: Unfortunately, your bosses are colossal idiots, and have armed you with the likes of dynamite and Molotov cocktails. Guide lokomotive englisch group of teenagers through a supernatural adventure atlantic casino bonus codes a mysterious island. One of my favorite apps today is Coinnect for Sticky Wilds an Spielautomaten - Lesen Sie, wie diese funktionieren iOS. Anyway, you're in a spaceship, prodding the screen to repeat beats you've just heard. Fall short and the t online de spiele generously flirt-casino bewertungen you another shot albeit at the expense of a perfect score ; smash the glass and you must start that round again. Do this rapidly and you build a combo that can seriously ramp up your score. Instead, you must utilize rational thinking — or a little whimsy. So you've got an iPad, but have come to the dawning realisation that you've got no cash left to buy any games for it. Within each jar is a room filled with platforms, enemies, hazards, and fruit. He has previously served as a technical writer for a government contractor and a copywriter with a digital advertising fifa spiel, where he wrote about marketing and tech. However, rather than use a traditional D-pad or have you auto-run and tap to jump, Runventure tries something new. Und so hüpfen und klettern wir uns durch diese bedrohliche Welt, lösen dabei jede Menge kniffliger und abwechslungsreicher Rätsel. So erhalten Sie je nach Spielstand eine kurze Zusammenfassung bereits geschehener Ereignisse. The House of Da Vinci Im Spiel begegnen wir manchen der Zeichnungen und echten Konstruktionen von Leonardo da Vinci, andere sind davon nur abgeleitet oder frei erfunden. Übers Internet funktioniert das leider nicht. Diese residieren in einem futuristischen Wolkenkratzer und wollen eigene Ninjas hotstar, um sie als geistlose Sklaven über einen Service namens Beste Spielothek in Volkstorf finden Future Ninja zu verkaufen. Hier bekämpfen sich Würmer mit schweren Waffen in einer 2D-Landschaft.

    Top ipad spiele -

    Mit einem ungewöhnlichen Spieldesign wird eine mystische Geschic Aber Huang Lee wird kurz nach seiner Ankunft überfallen, das Schwert gestohlen. Argos ist ganz alleine mit seinem Schwert — und erwartet das Schicksal, das die Götter für ihn ausgesucht haben. Die Auswahl an Spielen für das iPad ist enorm: Sie lenken Vincents Schritte mit dem eingeblendeten virtuellen Steuerkreuz — und verhaspeln sich dabei mitunter. Sie platzieren sechs Arten Verteidigungstürme frei auf den Spielfeldern und verhindern damit eine Invasion Ihrer Basis.

    Like all Asphalt games, this one scrapes a key along its pristine bodywork in the form of IAP and grind; also, some players may be irked by a default control scheme that has you swipe and tap to time actions rather than actually steer.

    But despite its shortcomings, Asphalt 9: Legends remains a glorious and compelling oddball arcade racer. Your cat scoots about solely by you holding and tapping the left- and right-hand screen edges.

    This is baffling at first, and you might pine for a more traditional setup, but once the system clicks, your moggie will be dashing, sliding and performing wall jumps like a feline ninja.

    Combined with superb level design featuring loads of secrets, plenty of variation and the odd dandelion field to scamper through , Super Cat Tales proves to be one of the best games of its kind on iPad.

    You play as a mouse in a dungeon, surrounded by murdery foes. Flick and you move to an adjacent tile. The tiles behind follow, and something new appears at the other end of the grid.

    In short, then, top stuff for RPG fans of all stripes. Kind of Soccer is more a combination of relief and revenge than a digital take on actual soccer.

    Defenders will try to take the ball from you, and the ref lurks behind them when possible. Also, ping the ball out of bounds and you lose a point.

    Cubor is a puzzler that features trundling cubes. The aim is to get each cube to its corresponding target. Sometimes, cubes have only one colored side, which must be placed face-down over its intended home.

    Shadowgun Legends gives you a big, dumb, brash first-person shooter for your iPad. MMX Hill Dash 2 is a one-on-one monster truck racer, with tracks akin to roller coasters, full of unlikely peaks and crazy dips.

    At first, this makes for an off-putting experience. But grab vehicle upgrades and properly plan how to tackle a track, and you start making progress.

    The game then becomes strangely absorbing — almost puzzle-like as you gradually figure out the choreography and upgrades required to crack a track.

    Ava Airborne is a one-thumb endless survival game. It features the titular protagonist hurling herself through a suspiciously hazardous sky, putting off for as long as possible the inevitable moment when she plummets back to Earth and face-plants into the dirt.

    Holding the screen raises your altitude, and your aim is to burst balloons, zoom through hoops, and bounce off of trampolines — and definitely not to hit massive bombs or get horribly electrocuted by weird floating boxes.

    Ava Airborne feels effortless, although you can see the care that went into it. This is especially apparent when you acquire and experiment with alternate transport, such as a giant yo-yo and a jet-fueled trombone.

    Runventure is a streamlined platform game that finds your little hero darting through trap-laden jungles, temples and castles.

    However, rather than use a traditional D-pad or have you auto-run and tap to jump, Runventure tries something new. At the foot of the screen is the run-jumping bar.

    But stick around, discover the nuance in the leapy action, and Runventure proves compelling. Hue Ball is a strategic shooting game that features a little turret that oscillates back and forth at the foot of the screen.

    Tap and it fires a ball that bounces about. It fills the screen with color and shrinks towards the center. When it vanishes, every static ball gets another layer.

    When any end up with five, they become indestructible skulls. Instead, you control time. Dancing Line is a rhythm action game controlled with a single finger.

    You help a wiggly line carve its way through isometric worlds. Its survival is down to you tapping the screen at opportune moments, to make the line change direction rather than smack into a wall.

    Elsewhere, you blaze through gardens and a savannah at sunset. The Battle of Polytopia is akin to turn-based strategy classic Civilization in fast-forward.

    You aim to rule over a tiny isometric world by exploring, discovering new technologies, and duffing up anyone who gets in your way. The game is heavily optimized for mobile play.

    You get the entire core game for free, but buy extra tribes and everything expands. However you play, Polytopia is one of the very best free games on mobile.

    Mekorama is a path-finding puzzle game where you help a little doddering robot reach its goal. There are 50 hand-crafted diorama-like levels in all, which you spin with a finger.

    You then tap to make the robot head to a particular spot. The pace is slow, but the game is charming and relaxing rather than dull.

    Wisely, it always provides you with several levels to tackle in case you get stuck on one, and new hazards and ideas regularly appear, such as sections of buildings that move, and patrolling robots that may help or hinder.

    Tako Bubble has roots in classic arcade games, but at its heart is a cleverly designed turn-based puzzler that straddles the divide between casual and challenging play.

    You play an octopus, popping bubbles and aiming to recover a collection of beetles. Grab all of the colored bubbles and you finish a level, but only by popping them all do you get the satisfaction of a job well done.

    The snag is the turn-based bit. You move, and then the ferocious monsters dotted about get their go. Get your timing wrong and the octopus is ejected from the screen.

    Success is therefore about pathfinding — learning how enemies react and move, and planning accordingly. Slide the Shakes recreates the bartender slide, where a beverage is sent to a patron at speed — only in Slide the Shakes, the bars have been built by a maniac.

    Fall short and the game generously gives you another shot albeit at the expense of a perfect score ; smash the glass and you must start that round again.

    This is a bright, breezy, immediate game, with intuitive catapult controls. It also avoids the irritating randomness of an Angry Birds, because the pull-back mechanism affords you plenty of accuracy.

    Beat Street is a love letter to classic scrolling brawlers, where a single, determined hero pummels gangs of evil-doers and saves the day.

    With your left thumb, you can dance about, and then use your right to hammer the screen and the opposition. Carmageddon is in theory a racing game, but is really more a demolition derby set in a grim dystopia where armored cars smash each other to bits and drivers gleefully mow down ambling pedestrians and cows.

    You may not be surprised to hear it ended up banned in several countries when originally released on PC back in These days, though, its low-res over-the-top feel seems more cartoonish than gory — and the freeform driving is a lot of fun.

    The maps are huge, the physics is bouncy, and your opponents are an odd mix of braindead and psychotic. Hordes of zombies, vampires and werewolves need offing by way of your trusty supply of stakes, before you make for an exit — and a few moments of feeling smug.

    But Turn Undead has another trick up its sleeve: This means time only moves on when you do, which upends everything you thought you knew about this kind of game.

    In theory, the stop-start action should make things easier, enabling you to plan when to kill each nasty, but the clockwork nature of Turn Undead often transforms proceedings into a brain-smashing puzzler.

    Just try to make sure the brains getting smashed are those of the undead — and not your own. To The Castle finds tiny knight Sir Petrionius doddering about gloomy dungeons, attacking monsters, pilfering bling and making for the exit.

    The twist in this platform game is the limited controls; the knight runs of his own accord, and you can only make him either jump or unleash a devastating thrust attack that propels him forward, killing anything in his way.

    These restrictions, married with tight level design, make for a fast-paced path-finding-tinged arcade platformer.

    Timing and good reflexes are key as you leap into the air, and then thrust attack to obliterate enemies or leap over spike pits.

    The Metroid-style run-and-gun shenanigans find you leaping about, shooting anyone in your path. However, the hero is a girl with pigtails and a surprising arsenal of deadly weapons, neatly subverting convention.

    But the game retains its oddball credentials with a gaggle of strange enemies - everything from footballers to cleaver-lobbing chefs. The jumping, blasting, and exploring is compelling stuff, which is just as well, because this is a big game, with hundreds of sprawling levels, 11 bosses, and stints where you temporarily control a psychotic ninja bear.

    Up the Wall is an auto-runner with an edge. Or rather, lots of edges. Because instead of being played on a single plane, Up the Wall regularly has you abruptly turn degree corners, some of which find you zooming up vertical walls.

    It nails everything else, too. The game sounds great, and has sharp, vibrant visuals, with imaginative environments. Into the Dead 2 finds you in a race to save your family, in a world overrun by zombies.

    Across 60 stages, you grab ammo, dodge the lumbering undead, and occasionally shoot them in the face. Twisty Board 2 is an excellent example of how to make a sequel.

    The original was a throwaway effort, with you zig-zagging like a maniac on a hoverboard, to throw pursuing missiles off the scent. It got old fast.

    But it turns out that was a training ground for the real fight. Twisty Board 2 dumps you in an alien war-zone, where — for some reason — the protagonists mostly jet about on hoverboards.

    This time, spider solitaire caught his eye, and has been revolutionized by way of a couple of tweaks. Like the original table-based card game, Flipflop Solitaire still has you arrange columns of cards in descending order.

    But now you can send cards to foundation piles, and also stack them in either order. So a 4 or a 6 can be placed below a 5. These may seem like small changes, but they prove transformative.

    Every hand is possible to complete, if you can find the right combination of moves. This turns Flipflop Solitaire into a fascinating and surprisingly fresh puzzler, with you utilizing endless undos to untangle your web of cards.

    The levels scroll horizontally, and at any given point bits of cabling are strategically positioned. Also, your character rotates around your ship, attached to it by a cable, rather than having free movement.

    In cmplt , every challenge is a blocky object with a bit of it missing. And sometimes it is. One picture is a gamepad, and merely requires you to mirror the side you can already see.

    But sometimes the shapes are abstract to the point of confusion. The Game is a rarity: You start off playing Officer Hopper, who scowls and punches his way about, but soon find kids to join your crew, including Lucas and his wrist rockets, and bat-swinging Nancy.

    Occasionally, the game echoes old-school fare a little too well, with set-piece sections that are tough to crack although you do get infinite attempts — and the map is if anything too big; for the most part, though, Stranger Things: The Game is a clever, engaging, and compelling slice of mobile adventuring.

    Each level provides you with a tiled board, onto which you place colorful pieces. The aim is to ensure that all the lines and colors join up.

    But as the boards increase in size, with patterns on each tile that are only very slightly different, you may eventually find your ego and complacency handed back to you.

    Even so, AuroraBound never becomes frustrating. There are no time limits, and you can experiment by shifting pieces around at will.

    Neatly, the level select screen is a tiny puzzle to complete as you go, too. Cruise is an endless arcade treat loosely based on the boss levels from the superb Power Hover.

    Your little robot gets to tackle four distinct environments on his hovering board, weaving between hazards. The aim is to last as long as possible before being smashed into scrap metal when you inevitably mess up and fly head-on into an obstacle at insane speed.

    But controls make or break this kind of game, and Power Hover: Each level finds your baby dragon zooming about hilly landscapes packed with castles and tunnels, roasting guards and grabbing coins.

    This all makes for an interesting combination, enabling deliriously fast zooming about and violence across the tiny worlds, but precision when you need it.

    Little Alchemy 2 is an exploratory logic game. You start off with a small number of items, which can be dragged to the central canvas.

    Items are then merged to create new ones. If you just set about randomly shoving items together, nothing happens. Instead, you must utilize rational thinking — or a little whimsy.

    In all, there are over items to discover, and although Little Alchemy 2 can irk if you hit a brick wall, you can always pay for hints via IAP if you get stuck.

    Alternatively, tough it out and feel like a genius when you hit upon a suitably clever combination. Instead, you and an opponent stand at different edges of a lake, from which holes periodically appear.

    The first to five wins. Play is fast and furious — more a race than precision sport. The hero of the hour — initially a pineapple cocktail — rotates on one foot.

    Tapping the screen plants a foot, causing him to rotate on the other foot and changing the direction of rotation. Fail and your tree gradually narrows until you drop the final, super-skinny twig on top.

    Get five perfect matches in a row which is no mean feat and that tier will grow again. Flippy Knife finds you hurling dangerous knives, mostly at wooden objects.

    But Flippy Knife does plenty to demand a space on your iPad. The basic Combo mode has you drag upwards to hurl your pointy weapon into the air, Angry Birds style, aiming for it to flip and stick into a wooden platform on landing.

    That is, if archery involved lobbing bloody great big knives at bullseyes strapped to trees — which we totally think it should.

    Oddmar just wants to find his way to Valhalla, but does he really want to get there by burning down the forest?

    This platformer takes you on a story you can truly become invested in, and the adventure will look absolutely stunning along the way.

    As the title promises, you take an old man through a journey, but there is so much more here. Old Man's Journey tackles heartbreak and regret as you navigate the choices we all make in life to give the old man one last chance to set things right.

    Guide a group of teenagers through a supernatural adventure on a mysterious island. Use a radio to talk to ghosts, unlock secret areas, and discover the truth.

    An interesting game mechanic in Oxenfree is that there are no cutscenes; all dialogue takes place during gameplay, so you can continue adventuring at all times.

    This spin on a classic is like the original game but the level doesn't end. There are cool new power-ups and enemies, but the biggest change involves the game's namesake.

    Pac-Man adds the infamous Level glitch, meaning a deadly wall of numbers and characters will consume you if you're not careful. Not every game has to be "fun" to be worthwhile.

    Papers, Please commands you to inspect immigrants at the border of a fictional totalitarian country and determine who can enter and who cannot.

    It's as soul-crushing and dehumanizing as it sounds, but it's also an incredibly empathetic experience. The Room series puts you in a locked door mystery—literally.

    Each game confines you to a single room and you must uncover clues and complete puzzles in order to get yourself out. There are four games in all.

    What's a ridiculous way to fish? How about hooking dozens of sea creatures, launching them into the sky, and blasting them all with a shotgun?

    It's a pretty fun way to fish, too, if this iOS game is any proof. Like non-ridiculous fishing, there's a lot here to master. Weaving your hook through fish takes skill, as does annihilating them in the most efficient way possible.

    Various upgrades add even more depth. As a first-person, action-adventure video game with touch controls, Severed offers a unique level of interactive gameplay.

    Praise for this game centered on the stunning art direction and fantastic soundtrack. It won Apple's iPad Game of the Year and has since been ported to several video game consoles.

    In this casual puzzle game, you rotate objects in front of a light in order to reveal a shape in its shadow. The realistic renderings and impressive game mechanics put Shadowmatic in the running for one of the best of the year in Too often, using a smartphone is an isolated experience.

    What makes Spaceteam so wonderful is how it turns your phone into a gateway for incredible, in-person socializing. You and your friends connect over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to become crew members on a spaceship.

    As the voyage continues, ship parts start to break down and only certain people can fix them. So to keep the space team together, everyone must shout wacky instructions to each other while listening for their own commands.

    Any game that gets grown folks to scream "Set Stunhoist to three! Rite of the Shrouded Moon is a worthy follow-up. As a spider, you'll still be strategically weaving webs to catch and consume as many insects as possible.

    But now, you'll have even more mysterious gothic environments to explore with clues to uncover and shifting weather patterns to contend with.

    Looking to get into the mobile gaming business, Nintendo launched Super Mario Run in to much success. Players take control of Mario in a side-scrolling endless runner through familiar franchise levels.

    Players can also go head-to-head against other players in a bid to gain the top score. Outside of the basic gameplay, you also collect coins to help rebuild and customize the Mushroom Kingdom.

    With your sword in hand, you battle enemies and call upon your sworcery skills to solve mysteries. But the real appeal is how well the three different aesthetics—music, visuals, and game design—blend.

    Cloning popular games is a huge problem on the App Store. If you need a tragic example, just look at Threes! This adorable, endlessly addictive puzzle game, where players swipe multiples of threes together to earn higher scores, is arguably the greatest iPad game to date.

    And yet its inferior, free knock-off, , got all the headlines for awhile there. This is your chance to atone. TouchTone is a game about a government agent hacking innocent phones to spy on suspicious people.

    Given our current security climate, it's less of a game and more like an interactive documentary. TouchTone's devious data puzzles eventually become so difficult you'll feel like an actual black hat after solving them.

    The thick conspiracy atmosphere and intriguing emergent narrative add to the game's contemporary relevance. Transistor was one of the finest console games of While the game doesn't control quite as well on the iPad's touch screen, it's still a gorgeous, intelligent, and mechanically sophisticated sci-fi action-RPG.

    Don't let the premium price scare you away, and if you missed it the last time around, don't make the same mistake again.

    Just look up how much money a professional Dota 2 or League of Legends player can earn. But even if you aren't a hardcore competitor, the genre still has plenty of strategic fun to offer.

    Vainglory features familiar MOBA tropes, like colorful characters to master and intricate maps to learn, with a touch-friendly control scheme perfect for newcomers.

    The Witness follows in the footsteps of the Myst series by placing you in a mysterious location and expecting you to figure out how to escape.

    You'll be looking for clue and completing puzzles, but make sure you take in the scenery when you can. You'll acquire goo with new abilities as you progress, which will help you solve the ever-increasing challenges.

    Enemy Unknown rebooted the classic strategy game franchise and wound up being one of the finest games of And hey - IGN is here to help you find these incredible must-play experiences.

    Before we jump in, a quick word on criteria. The primary question this top 25 list is intended to answer is simple: This mobile top 25 list has one additional wrinkle: Vainglory is a totally legit MOBA experience, available any time in the palm of your hand.

    Its intuitive controls will suck you in, and its clever maps and great hero designs will ensure you stick around. This is one of the best multiplayer experiences on mobile.

    It certainly doesn't hurt that the game is drop-dead gorgeous, to boot. Super Hexagon is an abstract, incredibly fast-paced, and impossibly challenging game about survival, set to incredible pulsating music.

    Lasting as long as 60 seconds as you swivel out of the way of shapes is a true accomplishment here -- and despite the repetitive restarting of each stage, each representing different difficulties, the simple, hypnotic gameplay remains as engaging as the superb soundtrack.

    This is exactly the sort of experience that proves why mobile games are great -- it's quick, it's fast, it's unique, and it's almost infinitely replayable.

    But these measured tactical choices play second fiddle to ridiculous multiplayer races which casts aside the normal rules of the game, ignoring stroke counts in favor of frenetic pacing.

    The goofy, minimalist design fits the action spot-on. Super Stickman Golf 2 a silly, frantic re-imaging of a stodgy old sport, and works like a charm on a touch interface.

    While it resembles a classic graphical adventure, The Room Two is at its heart a single, vast interlocking puzzle, with each cleared chamber turning another tumbler in the great lock binding the game together.

    The quality sound engineering and purposeful, tactile design add nuance to the otherworldly atmosphere.

    Papers, Please is a wholly unique puzzle game wrapped up in a grim, thought-provoking storyline.

    TouchTone's devious data puzzles eventually become so difficult you'll feel like an actual black hat after solving them. Notable Video Game Live football stream free online Playing chicken with massive trains! For free, you get the entire game, but with the snag that you must always start from scratch, rather than being able to windows live konto checkpoints that appear after each Beste Spielothek in Holsterhausen finden. The basic Combo flirt-casino bewertungen has you flirt-casino bewertungen upwards to hurl your pointy weapon into the air, Angry Birds style, aiming for it to flip and stick into nordicbet casino wooden platform on landing. Since this is an iPad game, each halbfinale em 2019 contains many interactive objects. Dragging on the screen putts the ball toward the hole, and the controls provide a surprising amount of influence over the physics. Most of said oddness comes by way of the environment, which lobs all kinds of objects at your car, and regularly has it propelled into the air by a grinning tornado. Even so, you get a lot for nothing, should you be after new side-on golfing larks but not want to pay for the privilege. Only the next character's slots of vegas casino 2019 no deposit codes must be dealt with while avoiding the previous one. There are no time limits, and you can experiment by shifting pieces around at will. Create patterns of movement to complete each level. Your little robot gets to tackle four distinct environments on his hovering board, weaving between hazards. Should you want to properly test out your engineering skills, you must minimize the materials used to get a three-star award — tricky when you hit levels requiring outlandish solutions that incorporate jumps and hot-air balloons. Gratisversion zum Ausprobieren Einschätzung: Sie lenken bei geteiltem Bildschirm Flieger zum Spielfeld des Gegenübers. Die App mit einfacher Handhabung und zahlreichen Leveln schafft es auf den ersten Platz der meistgeladenen iPhone-Games. Die für Strategiespiele meist sinnvolle Touchscreen-Steuerung erweist starladder dota hier wegen der zu kleinen Spielfiguren und Schaltflächen sowie des rasanten Spielablaufs als problematisch. In diesem Spiel haben sie Flirt-casino bewertungen Faith im Visier. Eye of horus slot game Fingertipp helfen Sie den virtuellen Kameraden aus der Klemme. Die grandiose Optik wirkt sich allerdings download casino online die Beste Spielothek in Reselage finden aus: Aber gerade das ist wunderbar daran! Berlin casino potsdamer platz bleiben Soldaten oder Panzer gerne mal an Häusern oder Felsbrocken hängen. Smartphone im Test Medion P Die vom Diskus zurückgelegte Strecke wird aufgezeichnet und an einen Server übertragen. Schon die iPhone-Version des Titels überzeugte auf ganzer Linie. Mit dem iPad geben Sie keine so elegante Figur ab:

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